Suffolk Growth Partnership brings together public sector organisations to align and promote countywide economic growth objectives as part of a single, ambitious strategic vision.  We work across Suffolk and the wider region, engaging with a range of stakeholders to drive positive change through shared activity, delivery and promotion.

In our 2019 Framework we set out our four agreed inclusive growth aims.  We have refreshed these aims in 2020

and they are set out below:

Open For Business

Suffolk’s Businesses: Make Suffolk an optimal location for business expansion, sustainability, and viability across all our sectors

Conversation between Colleagues

Suffolk’s Employees: Meet identified skills & employment needs to facilitate inclusive economic growth & improve employment opportunities

Suffolk Design Charter - May 2020 image

Suffolk’s Communities: Create a consistent, efficient & transparent approach to planning leading to improved housing delivery and community development


Suffolk’s Connections: Secure investment in our economic & social infrastructure

Suffolk Growth Partnership reports to Suffolk Chief Officers Leadership Team (SCOLT) & Suffolk Public Sector Leaders (SPSL)

Suffolk Growth have three members of full time staff to lead, deliver, influence & manage the work of the

Suffolk Growth Partnership Board.

Karen Chapman
Partnership Manager 
Richard Hunt
Strategic Lead: Visitor Economy 
Lianne Smith
Project Officer

To get in contact with the team please contact: