Call for Carbon Charter Pathfinders from Suffolk’s Visitor Economy

23 May, 2023

Suffolk Growth is working with local authorities and partners to develop a programme to support and enable visitor economy businesses to understand and embrace their journey towards more sustainable practice, supporting Suffolk’s Climate Emergency Plan and the County’s carbon-neutral ambition for 2030.

To kickstart the Pathfinder programme, Suffolk Growth has teamed up with Groundwork East to provide support and guidance to a small number of businesses in the sector on their carbon net zero journeys to become a visitor economy Carbon Charter Pathfinder.

Groundwork East manage the Carbon Charter network scheme that provides sustainability advice and improvement networking services alongside the Carbon Charter accreditation. Pathfinder businesses will receive a fully funded package of support and guidance to improve their carbon footprint, join the Carbon Charter network and achieve accreditation. Each pathfinder will be promoted as a case study to support more businesses engaging across the visitor economy sector.

Richard Hunt, Suffolk Growth’s Strategic Lead of the Visitor Economy commented:

“Suffolk’s visitor economy is made up of over 3,500 businesses, ranging from accommodation, travel, visitor attractions, retail, hospitality, leisure, and cultural sectors. This means that as a sector there is a significant role to play in supporting Suffolk’s ambitions to become carbon neutral. The Carbon Charter is an opportunity for businesses to drive cost efficiencies and resilience through sustainable low-carbon practice and we’ll support our Pathfinders to demonstrate this.”

Visitor economy businesses interested in becoming a Carbon Charter Pathfinder can find out more by contacting

Fram Castle
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The Carbon Charter Pathfinder project is closely aligned with the “25 by 25” campaign for Suffolk business engagement in the net zero ambition. 25 by 25: Suffolk’s Challenge to Businesses to Tackle the Climate Emergency – Green Suffolk

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A Suffolk Growth report highlighting the carbon footprint of Suffolk’s visitor economy and pathways to decarbonise is due to be published later this week and will be available to view here.