Carbon Charter Case Study – Africa Alive

3 Feb, 2024

Africa Alive gains Carbon Charter Award

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What is the Carbon Charter Award?

  • Independent environmental award scheme and sustainable business network
  • 200 active members across Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex
  • Regular networking and training events
  • Membership provides on-going support from a sustainable consultancy team
  • Delivered by Groundwork East.

Africa Alive is a Suffolk-based zoological reserve established in 2006. The charity, set in 100 acres of countryside, is home to thousands of animals from around the world.

Actions taken so far

Reduced Energy Use

Lighting has been replaced with LEDs, and Africa Alive has a Sustainability Policy for new buildings to further reduce energy usage.

Renewable Tariff

Switched their electricity tariff to a 100% renewable tariff.

Reduced single-use plastics

Have swapped single-use bags, plastic bottles, straws and cups with 100% biodegradable alternatives.

Data collection & monitoring

Africa Alive has good data collection and monitoring of its Scope 1 and 2 emissions.

Environmental Statement

The Zoological Society of East Anglia has an excellent Net Zero Strategy and Carbon Reduction Action Plan, which feeds into Africa Alive’s sustainability plans.

Solar PV

Solar panels have been installed into Parkside Pizza.

Responsible waste disposal

No waste goes to landfill. In partnership with their waste recycling contractor, their paper, glass and plastic waste is recycled wherever possible, metals are sent for recycling, and electrical equipment is safely dismantled and reused.

In-house they shred and re-purpose wood and compost garden waste to use in crop growing. Separated food waste goes to an Anaerobic Digestion Facility (ADF), where it is processed for farm use and the biogas returned to the National Grid as renewable energy.

As a Carbon Charter Pathfinder Partner, Suffolk Growth supported Africal Alive to join the Carbon Charter in Summer 2023, as part of its aims to reduce the emissions of Suffolk’s Visitor Economy.

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