Carbon Charter case study – EEZYBIKE

3 Apr, 2024

EEZYBIKE gains Carbon Charter Award

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What is the Carbon Charter Award?

  • Independent environmental award scheme and sustainable business network
  • 200 active members across Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex
  • Regular networking and training events
  • Membership provides on-going support from a sustainable consultancy team
  • Delivered by Groundwork East.

EEZYBIKE Ltd is a Suffolk-based e-bike rental company established in 2021. The company currently manages four electric bike hubs that are used by commuters,
students, tourists, and local businesses.

Actions taken so far

Reducing Carbon Footprint

EEZYBIKE is reducing their customers’ emissions by encouraging the use of their e-bikes in place of cars.

Awareness raising

EEZYBIKE provides support for test-using their e-bikes during public environmental awareness events.

Home Working

EEZYBIKE employees save approx 2.7tCO2e per year by working from home.

Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings and remote working are prioritised over in-person meetings wherever possible.

Reducing Energy Use

Timers for lights and appliances have been installed at EEZYBIKE’s Aldeburgh site, and their bike servicing was redesigned, removing the need for one of their storage
sites -and its associated emissions- altogether.

Service Innovation

Innovations are underway, radically changing how e-bikes are stored, accessed and recharged. These designs reduce electricity use, increase renewable energy use, improve security (meaning fewer repairs needed/avoided maintenance journeys), and reduce the amount of commuting needed for service provision – leading to a significant reduction in emissions.

Parts and Materials Reuse

Materials are reused wherever possible, including parts from routine servicing, wherever safe to do so.

As a Carbon Charter Pathfinder Partner, Suffolk Growth supported EEZYBIKE  to join the Carbon Charter in Summer 2023, as part of its aims to reduce the emissions of Suffolk’s Visitor Economy.

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