On-site coronavirus testing at workplaces with 50+ employees

Companies / large organisations with 50+ employees in Suffolk


On-site coronavirus testing at workplaces with 50+ employees is being taken forward at a national level through the Department of Health and Social Care.  If your organisation is interested in finding out more about on-site testing at your workplace please see the details below which have come from Government.

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has shared its portal for workplace testing. This service will allow businesses with over 50 employees to get all the forms they need to order rapid lateral flow tests.  Businesses can register for tests as long as:

  • The business is registered in England

  • They employ 50 people or more

  • Their employees cannot work from home

National private and public institutions testing: NHS Test and Trace is working with government departments, institutions and employers across both public and private sectors to support delivery of asymptomatic testing to large organisations, including those providing critical services. Delivery will be through on-site testing in the workplace. If you have public or private institutions in your area interested in establishing workplace testing then please direct them to p-and-psector@dhsc.gov.uk. More information will be shared in due course.

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