Festival and Events

A Strategy for Suffolk 2024-2028

How can Suffolk behave like a festivals & events hub of international quality in a way that is sustainable, supports the visitor and local economies and its communities?

Festivals and events are an established part of the community, leisure and visitor economy offer across Suffolk’s towns, villages, and destinations. These major visitor attractions range from internationally acclaimed cultural and music festivals and sporting events through to food and drink festivals, and unique local market town community events.

The sum of the festival and event production in Suffolk creates a significant value to the visitor economy, local economic spend and supply chain activity.
Our latest economic impact modelling estimates that the festival and events sector in Suffolk attracts 2 million visitors annually and contributes over £95 million per year to the local economy.

The focus for this Suffolk Growth review is on maximising the growth and development of Suffolk as a host of major and signature events, and the development of “growth” events and festivals.

Working with local authorities and the festival and events sector, our consultants have supported the delivery of a comprehensive programme of work culminating in a Festivals and Events – a strategy for Suffolk 2024-2028.

The challenge now is for local authorities, key agencies and the sector to deliver a programme to support the key recommendations, and benefit from the evidenced economic, social and environmental gains available to our communities.

latitude festival
little boy jumping at Spill Festival

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Suffolk Festivals & Events Strategy Insights Report Nov' 2023

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