Suffolk Connections: secure investment in our economic & social infrastructure

Including: securing third party funding for Haughley Junction & funding the socio-economic impact assessment of A14 improvements.

Suffolk’s Communities: Create a consistent, efficient & transparent approach to planning leading to improved housing delivery and community development 

Including: commissioning and managing the Suffolk Design initiative & working with NALEP to identify actions aimed at improving the delivery of homes.

Suffolk’s Employees: Meet identified skills & employment needs to facilitate inclusive economic growth & improve employment opportunities

Including: programmes to improve staff recruitment & retention through
improved entry level routes, joint training and researching the demand and supply of construction and engineering skills.

Suffolk’s Businesses: Make Suffolk an optimal location for business expansion, sustainability, and viability across all our sectors

Including: annual mapping of public sector contracts, training sessions and online diagnostic tool for SMEs to get "Fit to Bid" & supporting the business case to increase spend on film & TV production in Suffolk.

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