Public sector procurement - The Suffolk £

Suffolk Growth initiated a major piece of work on public sector procurement in 2017.  The project has 4 key elements: 

  1. A review of existing public sector procurement operations including systems used by partners and a four year monitoring exercise to track annual spend and the percentage of spend within a local postcode 

   2. A business survey to identify the opportunities and challenges facing firms in bidding for public contracts 


   3. The development and roll-out of a training programme for Suffolk firms to improve their awareness of and capacity to bid for public sector tenders, including the development of an online diagnostic tool for businesses

  1. Work with our Tier 1s / major investors, including public sector clients, to develop joint market engagement events for Suffolk firms aimed at developing local supply chains and workforce readiness for upcoming major investment opportunities - and ensuring we capture maximum financial, environmental & social value for the Suffolk economy. 

Taken together this work is known as The Suffolk £.