Suffolk Design Management Process (SDMP)

The Suffolk Design Management Process (SDMP) is shown below.

First Steps


  • Early engagement between applicant and LPA agreeing: 
  • Shared understanding of strategic priorities & key constraints
  • Combined understanding of each party’s objectives & needs for the site
  • Agreement on future communications and key contacts
  • Early & consistent engagement leading to a de-risking of the planning process 
Steps 1 & 2

Pre-app process


  • Engagement plan developed & implemented with targets set to monitor progress
  • Design evolves to achieve quality (set out in PPA) see guidance
  • Increase certainty and confidence in the planning process to deliver, measured by commitment to/delivery of the engagement plan
  • Well-prepared and evidenced applications with shortened timescales for validation
  • Clear record of potential issues, risks and opportunities
Steps 1-4

Decision Making


  • A high quality deliverable design
  • Timely consideration and decision making
  • Transparency for all
  • Understanding reason for decision
Steps 7-9

Post Decision


  • Delivery on time and as expected
  • Corporate handoffs & links are achieved as smoothly as possible
  • Planning obligations delivered when expected
  • Learning and reflection including lessons for SDMP
  • Recognition and celebration
Steps 10-11

Our Partners

from across Suffolk and the wider East of England region