Suffolk Design Management Process (SDMP)

Stage four - Post Decision

The final stage in the SDMP involves construction and completion of the development.

Post Decision


  • Delivery on time and as expected
  • Corporate handoffs & linkages achieved as smoothly as possible
  • Planning obligations delivered when expected
  • Learning and reflection including lessons for SDMP
  • Recognition and celebration



  • Finalise construction programme and advise of proposed build-out rate & obligation delivery

  • Design changes identified & agreed

  • Record design changes in the log & seek agreement with LPA

  • Review cumulative impact of design changes with LPA


  • Lead Officer briefs corporate contacts on build programme

  • Clean handover to internal & external stakeholders

  • Scope corporate objectives for the survey including social value aspects

  • Review cumulative design changes for impact & agreement

  • Ensure onsite monitoring by officers at suitable stages of build


  • Named officer available
  • Community Liaison Groups for larger developments
  • Clear information on construction timetable & sequence of activity



  • Eligible for Suffolk Design Award
  • Agree on a proportionate approach to occupier survey & information sharing with LPA
  • Conduct a survey and report the findings



  • Finalise corporate objectives for survey
  • Agree on approach to occupier survey with developer
  • Corporate review & lessons learned with results of the survey
  • Professional reflection & review
  • Eligible for Suffolk Design Award


  • New resident surveys
  • Community able to vote for Suffolk Design Awards
  • Links between development and benefits publicised (?)

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