Suffolk's Inclusive Growth Framework

Suffolk’s Inclusive Growth Framework is a live document and is updated on a regular basis, please contact for more information.

Suffolk's Inclusive Growth Framework builds on our conversations with Government, our partners and our communities, which started with our proposals for devolution and have been built on through our responses to both the Industrial Strategy and the Housing White Paper. The Framework provides the mechanism for monitoring our successes and realigning work to better meet our shared growth outcomes.

In our 2019 Framework we set out our four agreed inclusive growth aims.  We have refreshed these aims in 2020

and they are set out below:

The Inclusive Growth Framework is coordinated through SPSL and Growth Portfolio Holders and will continue to be taken forward by Suffolk Growth Partnership. It is through this partnership approach that we will be able to deliver our ambitions. It will continue to be reviewed and updated as projects are developed and as our shared growth agenda is delivered.

The diagram below positions our Framework within this wider context. 

Suffolk Inclusive Growth Framework conte