Suffolk's Visitor Economy

Welcome to Suffolk Growth Partnership’s Visitor Economy programme. 

What is the visitor economy?  

The visitor economy is more broadly defined than “tourism”. The visitor economy in Suffolk is intrinsically linked to our arts and cultural venues, performance spaces and performers, heritage buildings and natural landscapes. As well as holiday accommodation, visitor and leisure attractions, and travel businesses, it includes the wider hospitality sector that includes bars, coffee shops and restaurants and retail that are such a significant part of our local high street economy. The demand and supply of the sector is therefore linked to the growth and development of so many other sectors, and this has become evident through the impact of the COVID – 19 pandemic. 



Bury St Edmunds Farmers' Market.jpeg

Bury St Edmunds Farmers' Market

Mikrokosmos & Grade 1 Challenge - Snape

Mikrokosmos & Grade 1 Challenge - Snape Maltings

Concert Hall

What is our role? 

As you can see from the definition of the visitor economy, there are so many parts of the jigsaw that support the sector. We are working with local authorities and key sector organisations to support a strategic focus for the long-term development and sustainable growth of the sector. 

We will be working with partners to:

  • Create a clear vision and strategic framework for enabling sector growth… and articulating the Suffolk vision at the heart of regional Tourism Action Plans.

  • Developing the connection and coordination across the visitor economy…to maximise our strategic assets for economic impact and sustainable growth. 

  • Facilitating sectoral “reset” opportunities for skills, digital and tech tourism, clean growth and sustainable tourism, town centre and high street regeneration 

  • Developing sector-wide improvement networking 


And underpinning all of this we are supporting sector recovery planning with Suffolk’s local authorities. 

Our partners

Suffolk Growth Partnership is working closely with our key stakeholders to develop work programmes that support our visitor economy. Our key partners are:

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