Technical Skills Legacy for Norfolk & Suffolk

Suffolk Growth Partnership Board jointly commissioned, with Norfolk County Council, Pye Tait to map the demand for and supply of the technical skills required in Suffolk over the next 10 – 15 year period with a specific focus on the construction roles required for key infrastructure development projects.
Please access the final report, report annex's and skill files below.


Drawing on the content of the report the commissioning group intend to progress a number of initial actions.
This includes:


Building on this ground-breaking research with further insight and intelligence

Maintaining and updating the 2019-2020 Technical Skills Legacy study on a regular basis enhancing our understanding of existing supply chains for infrastructure projects to identify gaps and opportunities for growth.


Using the insights this new research provides to significantly enrich planning in our region

  • re: our local training offer

Working with providers to develop and share greater levels of LMI to inform strategy and curriculum planning that anticipates need and creates the right talent pools building the content of this report into any plans for the creation of specialisms or centres of excellence in the region fulfilling national and international skills requirements. This includes potential proposals for an Institute of Technology, working alongside providers to explore means of addressing conversion rates in areas of need engaging with funding bodies to create sufficient flexibility  in the funding system to support these long term aims

  • re: careers, advice and guidance

Promoting careers in occupational roles identified as being required over the long-term

  • re: major projects    

Informing how, alongside major developers, we plan to address the needs of projects such as Sizewell C and the East Anglia Hub locally


Piloting new interventions that test innovative means of addressing the requirements highlighted such as:

Piloting a supply chain skills development fund that will support the development and uptake of training to provide the capabilities and competencies required by key infrastructure projects.


The client group have prepared a slide pack that provides a high level overview of the findings and outcomes from the commission. Please find the link below.

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Wind Turbines
Solar Panel Installation

Overview of the findings & outcomes from the commission.