Technical Skills Legacy Report 2022

Technical Skills Legacy – Delivering on the opportunity for construction and engineering roles across Suffolk & Norfolk

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Suffolk Growth Partnership, working with Suffolk County Council and Norfolk County Council, has refreshed the Technical Skills Legacy (TSL) evidence base, setting out the workforce needed in the construction and engineering sectors to deliver the forecast 220+ regional infrastructure projects over the next 15 years.  With investment valued at over £70 billion (at today’s prices) this is a significant opportunity for our local employees, employers and training providers to capitalise on.

Both the slide deck report and the accompanying Skill files provide information intended to help key stakeholders determine where their focus should be placed, across a range of skillsets and roles that will be needed by these projects, to build a regionally based legacy workforce that services demand over the coming decades.

Key information from the summary report


Tech Skills Legacy- National context 1
Tech Skills Legacy - Infrastructure project metrics
Tech Skills Legacy - Occupation
Tech Skills Legacy - National context 2
Tech Skills Legacy - Workforce
Tech Skills Legacy - Skills gaps
Tech Skills Legacy - The Known
Technical Skills Legacy - Technical skills timeline