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Suffolk Growth visitor economy workshop reports

Recovery, restart and renewal for the Visitor Economy – towards an East of England Tourism Zone (26 March 2021).

Suffolk Growth "Twilight" Workshop: Developing the Suffolk Visitor Economy – Enhancing the Great Outdoor experience (15 April 2021). 

Creating a Carbon Net zero and environmentally friendly visitor economy in Suffolk

Embracing digital and tech tourism

Developing the year round visitor economy (October 2021)

Raising the ambition for the Visitor Economy: Skills, training and career pathways (26 November 2021)

Covid-19 impact assessment reports

Assessment of the Impact  of COVID-19 on Suffolk’s Visitor Economy: July 2021


Information Hub

On this page you will find local visitor economy reports and links to regional and national research.

As the Suffolk Visitor Economy programme develops we will post reports, research and data  to support your local organisational activity