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Delivering Growth through Partnership

Suffolk Growth Partnership Board

Suffolk's Growth Framework


Suffolk's Growth Framework brings together the shared growth work that is being taken forward across Suffolk into a single, cohesive programme.

The Framework is currently being updated with publication due Autumn 2020.

SGPB Work Programme

The SGPB delivers projects and programmes which help support Suffolk’s Framework for Growth.

Projects range from supporting our local economy, to improving planning to improving our local skills base.

To view all of our current and past projects click on the link below. 


News & Publications 

The SGPB are committed to influencing the growth priorities through engagement.

We coordinate Suffolk wide consultation responses, act as collective voice on various boards and meeting groups and ensure we promote Suffolk. 

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A partnership of 6 Local Authorities, University of Suffolk, Suffolk Chamber of Commerce, NALEP & Police.

The role of Suffolk Growth is to:

  • Lead: the Suffolk Growth Framework at officer level, and through collaboration across the County ensure SGPB outcomes are communicated to all staff and members.

  • Deliver: Suffolk’s economic vision and achieve impact through the coordination of programmes and projects directly managed by the SGPB and through facilitated work with partners

  • Influence (through engagement): public / private stakeholders, businesses and politicians about the priorities for growth in Suffolk and the opportunities for improving the region’s competitive position and prosperity

  • Manage risk: by understanding upcoming risks / unknowns and responding to these through a flexible & innovative approach to economic growth

To find out more about us & to view our work programme follow the 'Read More' link now.


Business Meeting
Supporting businesses

Suffolk Local Authorities have distributed over £171 million in grants to over 14,300 businesses across Suffolk between April and August 2020. 

SGPB has undertaken two surveys of grant recipients, to assess the impact of these grants and business resilience.

Architects Planning
Local planning in Suffolk

Suffolk Growth launches the 2020/21 Quarter 2 Local Planning in Suffolk update - September 2020.


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